We are located in the town of Ureshino, Kyushu, Japan. Ureshino is famous tea production area of 'Tamaryoku cha' which is very rare kind of Japanese tea.


Tamaryoku cha has unique curly shape. It means “round-shaped green tea” in Japanese.
There are two types of Tamaryokucha. Steamed and Pan-fired (aka.Kamairicha).

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It is said that Japanese tea cultivation began in our area (pref.SAGA) when the buddist priest Eisai planted tea in Mt.Sefuri 800 years ago.

The history of Ureshino Tamaryokucha is 600 years old.

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Since our company was founded in 1947, we are passionate about producing the highest quality teas worthy of customer trust.

Our mission is to spread our Tamaryokucha all over the world.

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1938 Shimojuku-Otsu,Ureshino-machi,
Ureshino-shi,SAGA,8430301,  JAPAN

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