Information about the increase of prices of some products

Dear customers,


We would like to inform you about a slight increase of prices of some of our teas.

We`ve been doing our best to provide the best quality teas at the lowest possible price continually for more than 30 years.


Now we have reached a point where we had to decide to increase the price of some of the products for 100JPY each, only to be sure to continue offering the best taste and quality to our customers.


The new price will take effect on April 1st 2021 for the following teas,

Now                                    new price

Kasen 100g       1296JPY ———————>1404JPY

Gyokurin 100g   1080JPY ——————-> 1188JPY

Gyokuu 100g     972JPY –  —————–>   1080 JPY

Bansui 100g      864JPY  ——————- >    972 JPY

Senzan (new brand)        ——————- >   864JPY


The prices of Tosen (100g 1080JPY), Houju (100g 1620JPY), Risui (100g 2160JPY)and Shisen (100g 3240JPY) remain unchanged.


Additionally, the following changes will be done.

Houjicha 200g                  324 JPY ——————>  388JPY

Mizudashi Sencha (S)        540JPY (12 tea bags———–> 10 tea bags)

Mizudashi Sencha (L)       1080JPY (25teabags  ———->  22 tea bags)


Thank you for your understanding and support. We look forward to continue serving you delicious teas.



Tokunaga Seicha Co. Ltd,

Kazuhisa Tokunaga




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