Dr. Genshitsu Sen in Slovenia

Dr. Genshitsu Sen, the 15th Great Grand Master of Urasenke japanese `CHADO -way of tea-`school preformed Japanese tea ceremony and presented  a cup of tea as a sign of peace and friendship between Slovenia and Japan in the event `Japanese way of tea` held on the 26th June at Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana. This event was organized to mark the 25th anniversary of independent Slovenia and the opening of official branch of Urasenke in Slovenia. I feel honoured that I was invited to participate in the event. 93 years old Dr. Genshitsu Sen, descendant of Sen Rikyu travels the world to spread peace through a cup of tea. It was his first time to come to Slovenia and he was impressed with its green nature and relaxed people. He said Ljubljana reminded him a lot of his hometown Kyoto.

DSC05445 大宗匠1 001

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